Extra-M Coaching and Consulting


Coach yourself

The individual contributor who wants to become a subject matter expert or break into management

  • Action plans
  • Acting with purpose
  • Discovering and leveraging strengths
  • Building a tribe of mentors or other go-to experts
  • Maximizing momentum
  • Flipping jobs and careers

Coach your team

The new manager who wants to become more savvy at leading people

  • Negotiating buy-in
  • Managing conflict
  • 90 days in a new management role
  • Learning executive-level skills and presence
  • Developing your leadership brand

Coach the world

The new coach who wants to amplify their impact and gain coaching mastery

  • ICF certification or re-certification (mentor coaching)
  • Finding your niche if you want one
  • Getting specific about business fundamentals
  • Building a tribe of mentors or other go-to experts

In these different areas, Vik uses special customized models and methods to help you get the results you want and need.  For example, you may be feeling stuck about your purpose or how to best use your top strengths in the workplace.  Or maybe you’re facing conflict or having trouble activating others to work on a team project.  Or perhaps you have great ideas and are just struggling to execute on them in a way that really highlights your worth in the marketplace.  Vik has worked with hundreds of clients in these key areas and he knows how to drive results.

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Vik Kapoor
Founder: Extra-M Coaching and Consulting

Savvy coach…expect action and results!”

———————-Sydney, Deputy Division Director, U.S. Government

“Vik provides great insight and feedback. He pushed me to see my problems and their solutions from new angles.”

———————-Steve, Attorney at a top American firm

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