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Vik is a caring and supportive facilitator who has a knack for bringing people together around difficult and important topics.  His work draws heavily on the practice of appreciative inquiry, which is about finding the best in organizations and leveraging that greatness into a future plan for success.  

Vik also loves to facilitate new learning in organizations and to contribute to the design and delivery of team retreats.  His facilitation work has been successful at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (Immigration and Customs Enforcement; Federal Emergency Management Agency), the United Nations (UN Development Programme; UN Women), Georgetown University, and The Nature Conservancy.

Possible facilitation forums include:

He facilitates onsite but may also be open to virtual or hybrid opportunities depending on your needs.

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Vik Kapoor
Founder: Extra-M Coaching and Consulting

Vik Kapoor
Founder: Extra-M Coaching and Consulting

Savvy coach…expect action and results!”

Sydney, Deputy Division Director, U.S. Government

“Vik provides great insight and feedback. He pushed me to see my problems and their solutions from new angles.”

Steve, Attorney at a top American firm

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